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There are a number of reasons why women choose to undergo breast surgery. Perhaps you’ve experienced changes in the appearance of your breasts from gravity, aging, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Maybe you want larger, fuller breasts or would like to address heavy, pendulous or asymmetrical breasts. No matter how you would like to change the size, shape or appearance of your breasts, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Legacy Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your goals.

With so many breast surgery options to choose from, it’s important to meet personally with one of our experienced breast surgeons to determine which procedure or combination of procedures is right for you. To schedule your confidential consultation, please contact Legacy Plastic Surgery today online or at 610-524-8244. Our Exton office welcomes patients from Paoli, the Main Line, Chester County, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and other areas.

Types of Breast Surgery Procedures

    Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed each year in the United States. The procedure uses saline or silicone breast implants to increase the size, volume and contours of the breasts.

    Breast augmentation surgery is often performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a breast lift or as part of a mommy makeover.

    While breast augmentation may be the most popular type of breast surgery performed in the country, there are a number of other breast procedures available at Legacy Plastic Surgery which can address a variety of issues. Our breast surgery procedures include:

    Breast Lift

    Genetics, age, dramatic weight loss and pregnancy can all contribute to the development of pendulous or sagging breasts. Over time, the constant pull of gravity can cause the nipple to descend and the upper portion of the breast to lose youthful volume.

    A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, can correct these unwanted effects by reshaping the breast so that it achieves a more youthful shape and the nipple returns to a higher position. If you have smaller breasts that have lost volume, breast implants may be used in conjunction with a breast lift to achieve consistent, pleasing results.

    There are multiple breast lift techniques available. Your procedure will be individualized according to the degree of breast elevation you require. Your mastopexy surgeon will take a number of factors, such as your overall breast size, into account when determining the best surgical approach for you. If you have loose, lax breast tissue, you will need more skin and tissue tightening.

    You should expect some scarring from breast lift surgery. For most women, the scars are an acceptable trade-off for their new figure, because the scars rest discreetly along natural breast contours and diminish somewhat over time.

    • Donut: Well suited to address mild to moderate sagging, the “donut” incision is made around the circumference of the areola.
    • Lollipop: Best for moderate to more pronounced sagging, the “lollipop” incision is made by adding a vertical incision from the areola to the bottom of the breast.
    • Anchor: Ideal for pronounced sagging, the “anchor” incision is essentially a lollipop incision with an additional incision made along the crease of the breast.
    • Crescent: Best for mild levels of sagging, the “crescent” incision is placed at the top of the areola, made in the shape of a half-moon.

    No matter what size your breasts are, if you feel self-conscious about their shape, a breast lift procedure may be right for you. Breast lifts are ideal for women who desire a more youthful appearance and who are unhappy with drooping, sagging breasts. During your consultation, one of our experienced breast lift surgeons will fully evaluate your condition and candidacy, and recommend the approach that will best suit your aesthetic goals.

    Breast Reduction

    Heavy, pendulous breasts that are uncomfortably large can cause significant physical strain and lead to a variety of potential medical problems. Fortunately, by removing excess fat and tissue from your breasts, then sculpting the remaining tissue into a shapelier, perkier appearance, breast reduction surgery can help you look and feel your absolute best.

    Breast reduction surgery may be appropriate for your situation if you:

    • Suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain because of your breasts
    • Experience the discomfort of bra straps digging into your shoulders due to your breast size
    • Are uncomfortable during exercise or other physical activity due to large breasts
    • Suffer from bad posture related to the weight of your breasts
    • Feel self-conscious and less confident because of the size of your breasts

    There are a number of factors that can affect your candidacy for breast reduction. Generally, you may be a good candidate for the procedure if you are a non-smoker in good physical health. During your initial consultation, one of our experienced breast reduction surgeons will thoroughly assess your physical condition and candidacy and help you make an informed decision.

    Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

    man with gynecomastia holding oversized breastMany men are affected by gynecomastia, the development of excess breast tissue in the chest. The cause of gynecomastia has been linked to certain medical conditions, drug side effects, weight fluctuations and genetics.

    If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of “man boobs”, male breast reduction surgery can help. By surgically removing fat and glandular tissue from the breast area, our board-certified plastic surgeons can provide you with a flatter, firmer and better-contoured appearance. In severe cases, excess skin is removed as well.

    Breast Revision

    Breast revision can be performed to improve upon the results of a previous breast procedure, repair complications or correct unsatisfactory results. In fact, there are a number of reasons why you may consider breast revision surgery, such as:

    • Implant malposition or shifting of an implant after breast augmentation
    • Capsular contracture
    • Implant leak or deflation
    • Desire to change the type of implant (saline or silicone, for example)
    • Desire to change the shape of the breast
    • Desire to change the size of the breast
    • Asymmetry
    • Irregularity of the areola or nipple

    Whatever your reason, our board-certified plastic surgeon will listen to your concerns and determine if your expectations can be realistically achieved. In cases of breast revision, it is very helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about your prior surgery, including medical records and operative reports from your previous surgeon.

    Breast Reconstruction

    According to the National Cancer Institute, about 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and more than half of those patients will undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy. While these procedures are effective at removing cancer, a mastectomy can leave you feeling self-conscious about how you look and physically unbalanced.

    Breast reconstruction utilizes different techniques based on individual needs, including:

    • Tissue expander and implants: In reconstruction procedures in which breast implants are used, we offer both saline and silicone options. A tissue expander may or may not be used prior to the placement of your implant, depending on the recommendation of our surgeon.
    • Tissue flaps: Tissue flaps are taken from areas such as the back or abdomen to create a new breast. Possible flaps include the latissimus flap or TRAM flap.

    In some cases, both an implant and a tissue flap may be used. The methods used in your specific procedure will be based on your anatomical features and other physical considerations. Your breast reconstruction may require several stages of surgical reconstruction or may be performed as a single-step procedure. The details of your procedure and any questions you may have about breast reconstruction will be discussed during your initial consultation.

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