Patient Testimonials

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The best service ever & so accommodating. I’ve moved out of state and still come back. Just wish I could move the whole office with me to Boston!
- Gail O.
Dear Dr. Kim,

Thank you so much for...

1. Your many kindnesses

2. Your knowledge and skill

3. Your hand

4. Your warm and friendly staff

5. The feeling I have of being whole again.

Your favorite patient,
- Jill Bellas
Dear Dr. Kim & Staff,

Just a note to thank you for everything you've done for me. It has been a wonderful experience. I think I now need a young man to go with my new young face. Thanks again.
- Donna Seget
Thank you - for helping to make my life the best it can be! You, also, have good taste in selecting staff members who are so nice and provide emotional comfort at a time which could be stressful. Thank you!

Most sincerely with gratitude,
- Shelia (Miles)
Doctor Kim,

You always go above and beyond what is required. No wonder you're appreciated, well-liked, and admired!
Dr. Kim is the best plastic surgeon ever! He is so skilled and talented, he does the best job out of anyone I have ever been to. I had my lips done and Botox and they both looked amazing! Everyone says how good they look. He is very quick but gentle at the same time, doesn’t cause any pain and there is no bruising either. I highly recommend Dr. Kim! He is very nice too and asks if you are ok during the procedure.
- Summer
This spring I went to see Dr. Kim hoping to find a way to fight the signs of aging I was seeing in my disappearing jawline and sagging neck. I found that Dr. Kim exudes such confidence and kindness that it gives you no hesitation in following your inner need to stay younger looking for as long as you possibly can. At the time I made the decision to see Dr. Kim, I had no idea how incredible the results would be. And then, a short time after my surgery, I stopped for a cocktail with my daughter one day after work. The waitress asked to see our identification. She spent a moment looking at the birthdate on my license and back at me before exclaiming, “OMG…no way!” I was sitting there thinking to myself, “OMG, Dr. Kim just got a 50-year-old woman carded!
Absolutely marvelous! Better than great! 6 stars! Dr. Wingate is a miracle worker!
- A.
I went for a consultation with Dr. Kim on a recommendation from a friend. I didn’t like the way my face was aging. I think I’m in good physical condition, have a job that puts me in the public eye everyday, but I needed some real work done! I was totally impressed with my visit and evaluation with Dr. Kim. He was friendly, answered all my questions and told me exactly what I could expect from the facelift surgery . I am thrilled with the way I look . I am one year post facelift and my friends always comment on how good my face looks and how natural I look. On my recent visit to Dr. Kim he gave me my before and after photos. I look at least 10 years younger . I highly recommend Dr. Kim to all my family and friends and to anyone who is looking to have a facelift. Dr. Kim is truly the artist!
I had a chin and mini facelift done by Dr. Kim. I had a VERY positive outcome and was impressed with his office staff and the ease of getting in and out. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. I have referred him to several friends already.