Patient Testimonials

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It is always a pleasure dealing with everyone at the office. Thank you. All of you make life easier for your patients.
- Dawn B.
I would definitely choose Dr. Kim again for further care. I am pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the whole process went very smoothly. Dr. Kim has a great bedside manner, and his staff was also very receptive and friendly.
- Saranae
Thank you so much for…

1. Your many kindnesses
2. Your knowledge and skill
3. Your hand
4. Your warm and friendly staff
5. The feeling I have of being whole again
Dr. Kim did a wonderful breast reduction for me and was very patient and understanding because I had chickened out twice before. That he is highly skilled is a given. That he is so compassionate is a bonus. He is absolutely non-judgmental, just very affirming and positive. I recommend him highly. His staff is also kind and caring.
- Lora
It’s been a year since my surgery and I thought it was a good time to write you and thank you. That surgery changed my life. I’ve since lost 30 lbs, exercise almost every day, and I’ve never been healthier. It truly is a whole new world for me and I want to thank you for this great gift.
I have a sweating disorder that causes extreme perspiration all over the body, as a hairdresser it was a major point of embarrassment for me. I have gone my whole life with this problem, always wearing big sweatshirts to hide the sweat rings. I was never able to wear any light-colored shirts because they would stain after just one time wearing them. When I started doing hair I realized it was going to be almost impossible for me to hide my condition from my clients. I was constantly lifting my arms and when shampooing I was bent over them always with one arm reaching over their face. I have had many clients say something about it and that was the point I needed to do something about it. Dr. Kim did a newer procedure on me, this is far less invasive as the original sweat gland removal surgery. I was able to receive this under local anesthesia and was back at work three days later. Dr. Kim has completely changed my life with this procedure. I am no longer self-conscious about my sweating and can wear any kind of clothing I want. My sweating has decreased by about 85%. I only use a light antiperspirant now and if I forget it in the morning it is not the end of the world. I could not be any more pleased with the results of my surgery from Dr. Paul S. Kim. I also felt very comfortable in the office and asking questions. The staff is all very friendly and helpful.
I have not seen the space under my bra line since I was 14 years old. I have worn a large bra for as long as I have known myself. Thank you for making me feel good about myself. My dream of sleeveless clothes has finally come true.
Dr. Wingate is great! He explained my procedures, recovery time, and what results I could expect. The results exceeded my expectations.
- Jay S.
Dr. Wingate and everyone here is absolutely the best! I felt comfortable right from the start. The work they did & the manner & kindness with which they did it has made an incredible difference in my life – both physically & emotionally. Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made.
- Hilary S